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Why we use Critical Discourse Analysis, what are the Basic Concepts


Critical Discourse Analysis basically is the  analysis of the language use beyond the sentence level, which is not directly expressed in text and talk. It is necessary to know how implicit and explicit use of language is practiced in society. So in this way Critical Discourse Analysis is used to evaluate what is said and in what manners. We use CDA to make things clear in society, as van Dijk said in his Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis that it is also crucial for the Critical Discourse Analysts is the explicit awareness of their role in society. He further talk about in society how major concepts in Macro-Analysis, such as power abuse, domination, ideology, reproduction, hegemony, discrimination, institutions, race and gender, and interests of groups, politicians and institutes are practiced through discourse. So this is the actually purpose of CDA to find out these concepts and their relationship with discourse in society while using text and talk. That is why we use different theoretical and methodological frameworks to find out the actual meanings behind the texts and talk.

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