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Education and Social Sciences

Education is actually the name of knowing things and get knowledged. As in the philosophical history of education it is regarded as knowing the reality of the things. Education has been emphasized in the history especially by the nations who develop their culture and civilization, as in Islamic to Muhammad a compulsory thing to live a good life for you and your society, He instructed his followers as "seek knowledge, even in China" means go for to be educated even beyond the oceans far from Shadi Arabia. Moreover act on this gathered knowledge and education as we are awared about things, their benefits and detrimental effects whether from these things directly or indirectly but failed due to not act on what has to be done at social level. Valuable thing is to be action man on these educational aspects and knowledge what we have about life and social sciences especially regarding humanity. We are mostly get narrow minded because don't have a good environment and good gatherings which actually have a great impact on people and their social life. Why we are so narrow minded and negative thinking human beings just we have to act positively on Education what we have gotten from our intitutes and society. It is only possible when we have "A Big Heart in our Chest and Great Thoughts in our minds". Unfortunately it is hard to be happy on the others success when someone is not at the stage. Only solution to be a great human being is to be educated, act on these Educations, think bigger and try to grasp on situations with a big heart. Avoid extra argumentation and people if you are not getting positivity in those even after a long struggle. Face hardships with courage and strength while adoption of "Positive Thinking" with a vast heart, it will lead you to the level of maturity. As per my experience people want to be helpful and positive with others but failed due to just having negative thoughts and a little heart which is based on bad environment and social behaviors. Action on what Education demands for the betterment of humanity.

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