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About Misunderstandings

We must stop to be misunderstood about people even by just one or two time judgments. First we ought to be mature in this regard because some times we can not judge people even by our current understanding level. So we must be aware of the situations and our understanding level must be of the degree that we can see situations more than one angle. It would be the great thing which make us able to stop thinking negative and misunderstood by others at one glance, and keen observation about things and situations will make you a good human being and mature person. As we start thinking like this i.e. see a situation more than one angle, think at the broaden level and evaluate results on the basis of keen observations and analysis. This is basically good for our social life and for our relationship with friends, relatives and others. Finally we must be patience, keen observer and have a mature understandings while evaluating results and judgements.


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